T he name alone is a reflection of a force that helped shape our culture. From children playing with Mr.Potato Head, in the 1950's, to adults anticipating the fifth installment of the Transformers Movie in 2017. The Hasbro company is responsible for many influences in our world culture, from movies to games, television, toys, and more. Hasbro can be looked upon as a universal language.
     Creatively, DJ Hazbro is very aware of his calling for him to make a  impact on his culture, moving beyond the developmental stage, onto the showroom floor. Like the Hasbro brand, the name  sometimes goes overlooked by many, because of the impact of the product. It's time for that to change. GOD is the creator, developer, and so much more. DJ Hazbro is only a product.

     Born Terryl Favorite Jr, DJ Hazbro, was raised in the great city of New Orleans. Being the youngest of 5 siblings and the only boy, it's safe to say, Hazbro was destined to stand out. Taught to acknowledge his differences, Hazbro learned to embrace his "Alienhood". Even as a young child he looked at himself as an outcast. Captured by all forms of art, he was drawn to the caricature of music, as well as, captivated by the life of "fictitious" characters depicted in comic books, movies, cartoons, etc. Even as an adult, he still holds on to the creative wisdom he's gathered through these mediums. "The beginning of wisdom: Acquire wisdom; And with all your acquiring, get understanding." - Proverbs 4:7. Music has always been a great influence in his life, thanks to his parents and his city. He has always loved music but was introduced to the business side in the late 90's as an artist. Hazbro found a love for all aspects of music, but it was the creative side the grabbed a hold and because of this, he acquired a great ear for music. Always eager to learn a new skill, Hazbro sought out all types of knowledge and wisdom; but the gain of wisdom came at a great cost. Caught up by his environment, Hazbro took on way more than his fair share of trials, Literally and Figuratively.

     Yet, GOD had ordained his life from the start. It was just up to Hazbro to surrender and let go of everything so that his life could line up with his Father's Will. So to speak, Jesus was "Professor X" (Marvel Comics "X-Men Founder") to Hazbro. Like Wolverine
(a character from Marvel comics), Hazbro has always had "The Greater Good" at Heart; but it was God, through his love, teaching, and examples, that gave him focused power to his true abilities. The relationship he now has with the Lord can never be broken [Until Death Do They Part]. Now, as DJ Hazbro, he steps forth into action with proper on-going training from "both sides of the fence", to help bring unvarnished Truth to the world.

     If not already seen by now, Hazbro has been blessed with various talents. The most intriguing being interpretive understanding and the ability to paint a vivid perception, in hopes to give others a clear view of what has been shown to him. Thus introducing Culture Shock Therapy.  An alternative way of life in our culturally driven society. Which led to the founding of Street Team Academy.  A phalanx: established on 3 key principles and structured upon 1 secure foundation; aimed to Push, Promote, and Populate music with a positive influence.

     The story of DJ Hazbro is in no way near the end. It's only just begun. "To Be Continued" . . .